Guide to
Gas Cooktop
Grilling & Cooking

Why I love to Grill?

I believe in the saying “Food is the ingredient that binds people together” and “Food is not just eating energy It’s an experience”.  I love to bond with my friends and family over food. For me grilling is a way of relaxation and a form of social camaraderie. During the winter, I know it can be tough to grill. However, you are able to enjoy some mouth-watering ribeyes. What’s the catch? You need to have the best gas cooktop money can buy in order to sear the best possible ribeye.


Grilling On A Gas Cooktop

As the pandemic went on our regular routine and normal lives were forever changed.  Most of the outdoor activities we enjoy were cancelled or postponed. But that did not stop my love with grilling. They say grilling is best done outdoors. But for me, grilling can be done anywhere! That’s when I tried to grill indoors using my Gas cooktops.

Benefits Of Using A Gas Cooktop Vs. Charcoal

Gas Cooktops Easily Heats Up Compared to Charcoal

Compared to charcoal grilling, grilling on a cooktop takes lesser time compared to other methods. Making it the most efficient. 

You Get To Have Greater Control Over Temperature

Gas cooktops offer better temperature controls in comparison with charcoal or any cooktops especially the electric models.

Gas Cooktops Are Easier To Clean

Compared to grill grates, grill pans for cooktops are easy to clean compared to grill grates which takes a lot of time and effort.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency and Useability

Gas Cooktops may cost more than other cooktops however in the long run they tend to be more cost-effective due to a cheaper cost of gas compared to electricity. Also, you can cook anything on your cooktop versus your grill.

Benefits of
Indoor Grilling

You don’t have to be an expert to cook in an indoor grill. Using an indoor grill is extremely easy.

If you have no space or a backyard you can easily grill on your cooktop. Grilling indoors is more convenient since you don’t have to go outside and you it’s easily done indoors.

Outdoor grill grates are very tough to wash. It takes a lot of effort and is time consuming. Grill pans are very convenient and very easy to clean too! Hence, grilling on a cooktop is a better choice!