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Choose the Right Wood For Your Smoking Needs

When it comes to smoking meats, the best wood for smoking is cedar. This species of wood has many uses throughout North America. It can be used for everything from lumber, flooring, furniture, and more. It is a very stable wood, which makes it perfect for building or constructing something that will last a long time.

The benefits of alder wood are almost endless. Many people enjoy smoking salmon. If you have never tried smoking salmon with a cedar plank then you are in for a treat. Salmon is one of the most popular meats that people can make at home and it can be really good tasting if it is smoked properly.

Smoked salmon can easily turn your normal grill into something that is more than just a means of grilling. You can now use it on top of hot dogs and fish that you would normally fry. This makes the grill more of a dining experience instead of just something to put food on. It really turns an everyday meal into a party for you and your guests.

Another really fun thing to do is to make slow-cooked meats. If you slow cook your meats with this type of wood then the time you spend in the kitchen will be much shorter than if you were to use a more conventional type of wood for cooking. The reason for this is because alder wood absorbs the liquid that is in the meat much faster. This allows you to create very tender cuts of meat that will cook quickly and that will keep you coming back for more. You will also find that this wood lends itself well to making jerky.

Apple wood is another favorite of many people when it comes to smoking woods. They enjoy the fruit flavor of the apple and this would lend itself perfectly to smoking foods with this type of flavor. Apple wood does not have quite the same level of smoky flavor that some of the other types of woods may have, but the flavor is still mild to medium. It has a distinct sweet flavor that some people love and they tend to prefer it over the other types of apple wood.

Mesquite has become a popular choice for making great ribs and other types of pork products. The flavor found in mesquite is very strong and it tends to really give people a good smokey flavor with every bite. There are some people who prefer this type of wood to the apple and it can help to give you a nice kick that will leave people wanting more. It can be very difficult to get your ribs to really dry out so you will find that people favor this as the best wood for smoking meats with. There are some downsides to mesquite like the fact that it can be quite expensive depending on where you are buying it from. Also you need to know when you are purchasing this type of wood that you are getting something that is high quality.

Cherry wood has a very nice fruity flavor that is often used to make sweets. This type of wood can help to give you some wonderful dessert types of roasts with a very nice and sweet flavor to them. It does dry out a bit faster than other woods so you will need to put it in the smoker for a shorter amount of time. The great thing about this type of wood is that you can buy the cheaper flavored woods to use when you are just getting started and then the more expensive hardwoods to use when you are ready to advance in your smoker hobby.

Hickory is very well known as the “oker” or “smoker” wood. This means that it gives off a lot of smoke and people enjoy the great taste that it has to offer. It also has an oak flavor that some enjoy and that can help to cut down on the price of the wood. You may not be able to find this type of wood in your area but you should look around for it on the internet and other places that sell wood products. You will definitely be able to enjoy the great smoke that hickory offers and will save money in the long run.

Here is a video on how to choose the right wood for smoking meat