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How to Smoke Meat – Smoked Beef

Smoked beef is the cure to many of the common health problems faced by man. It helps in controlling diabetes and circulates our body in a better way. It also makes our food rich and has high nutrient values. This type of meat also ensures that there are no toxins in the meat we consume. The other two types of meat are full of toxins and the fat content in it is also much more than that of lean meat.

The flavor in smoked beef can be really different. Sometimes it’s nice to have the sweet stuffiness while other times it’s nice to have the tangy taste. Sometimes you just need to experiment with your taste buds so that you get the best out of the smoked beef. Here are some great recipes available that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

The first recipe I am going to share is called as Salt and pepper shawls. All you need for this recipe is boneless or semi-boneless skinless chicken meat, salt, ground pepper, and cumin powder. You should soak the meat in salty water for half an hour. Then you cut the meat into thin strips. Put all the meat on one tray and then add salt to it and wrap it carefully with aluminum foil so that the salt does not seep inside the meat.

The next recipe I am going to show you is called as Smoked Fish. For this recipe, you will need: fresh smoked fish, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, olive oil, and kosher salt. You simply marinate the fish in lemon juice for about an hour. After that you cut the garlic into small pieces and then rub them all over the smoked fish. Make sure that you leave no space between the fish and the garlic.

Grill up the fish and put the lemon juice, ginger, and olive oil on the top. You then add the fish and let it cook thoroughly. When it is done, simply cut it into thin slices. Salt and pepper both enhance the flavor of these fish. Serve it up with a salad and some crackers.

Smoked beef sandwiches are a very popular dish in America. For this recipe, you will need: lean flank steak, onions, green peppers, fresh mushrooms, salt, and pepper to taste. Cover your open fire pit and brown your meat for several hours. At the end of the process, lay your meat on its side and slice it very thinly. Add some salad and your friends are sure to be impressed.

There are many other ways of smoking meat. If you want to try smoky bacon, you can do so by buying it from a local butcher. After buying it, simply put it in your smoker and start cooking. The longer you leave it cooking, the smokier it becomes. It can take about four hours to make one good-sized bag of smoky bacon.

Smoked meat has been enjoyed by people for thousands of years. No cookbook would be complete without listing some of the world’s favorite recipes. Why not take your passion for food to another level by trying it out in the smoking state. It is now easier than ever to get great tasting smoked food at a fraction of the price. Stop thinking you have to spend lots of money to enjoy good smoking.

To begin with you need a good smoke pot or smoker. These can easily be found online. Always ensure that you buy one that is capable of handling larger than normal quantities of food as you do not want to buy another one just because it didn’t work out right. You can buy one that has a gas insert or one that works using electricity but I prefer the gas one as I find that my food stays hotter for a longer period of time. Also you will want to have an inexpensive hook up wire to attach your smoker to.

Once you have all of these parts, you are ready to get started. Most smokers will need to be left open for the duration of the cooking process. If you don’t leave them open they can overheat and affect your meat’s texture. Once your meat is done smoking, you need to remove it from the smoker.

You can now let your smoke pot dry for about an hour. It is important not to open the lid while it is drying. The last thing you want is your smoked beef to be scorched. Letting the pot dry is also important as it allows the meat to cure. This will also help keep your cost down when purchasing your smoked beef in the future.

Here is a video clip on how cook smoked beef ribs juicy & tender.